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TARMAX improves stripping resistance to ensure formation of a strong bond between bitumen and aggregate. The premature failure of bituminous pavements due to action of water is the most common problem and single largest factor causing early pavement distress. The most important reason contributing to this condition is improper adhesion between bitumen and commonly used aggregates. Majority of aggregate show high value (as high as 70%) and most of them fail miserably in bitumen adhesion properties.

FORTA-Fi, power, endurance, and merge features with known aramid,polyolefin fibers, and other materials containing asphalt booster.

FIXALT is an easy asphalt and concrete smooth repair product. You can quickly stabilize your potholes with FIXALT. The repair is strong, long lasting, stops further effects of weather, freeze and ice as well as looks good. Damaged patches can easily be repaired inexpensively using this product.

WARMAX is a liquid form additive which reduces the viscosity of the asphalt mixture during asphalt production and thus facilitates application at winter season or extend transfer time of asphalt for longer distances at summer season.

You will no longer have to work in the fume!

The aerosol and smoke emissions are much lower than conventional asphalt since the temperature of the warm mix asphalt is lower during production and compaction.

WARMAX is a product that significantly reduces environmental damage due to the low odor and gas emissions during urban use. In this way, the health and safety of the employees are protected.

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Even though the majority of New York escorts are honest prostitutes, they have certain attitudes. It is possible to take a different route, or to try and sell you something that they aren’t familiar with. Most priestesses are intelligent and beautiful. This means that you’ll have a great time interacting with them and enjoying the intimate sex.

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