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  • Synthetic macro fibers, which are able to be used as a primary reinforcing in the concrete
  • Polymer based, inert and does not corrode
  • Provides structural resistance instead of the steel mesh or the steel wire
  • Provides crack-resistance and carries load with two different materials in its component
  • Long-life thanks to its synthetic structure
  • Forta-Ferro presents application simplicity to the projects by being distributed homogenously inside the concrete, needs no labour to apply and cover concrete.

POLARBETON®; It is a cement based building material that is produced with POLARFOX® special agent and has a high thermal insulation feature.

PULTRA is Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Rebar Reinforcement. PULTRA is being used for structural reinforcing for long term and short term needs of the project. Corrosion problem of conventional steel reinforcement will no more be problem by using PULTRA. Besides, PULTRA will provide 2-3 times higher tensile strength with easier labour and lighter reinforcement than steel.

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