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GEOFOR is a polymer coated Fiberglass Geogrid consisting of connected parallel sets of tensile ribs with apertures of sufficient size to achieve high interlock and effective bonding of two asphalt lifts.

The polymeric coating helps to further optimize the chemical compatibility between the fiberglass reinforcement and the pavement overlay.

Additionally, it is self-adhesive which help to better sticking and speeds up installation.

Geomembranes are waterproof covers with high quality and high polymer properties. Used in tunnels, subbasement, Underground railway stations, water conveyance canals etc. For molding of highly waterproof polymers, plasticizer, anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-aging agent, stabilisator, and other process aids are added to PVC resin.

Does not crack and keeps flexibility properties under cold climate conditions. Keeps general properties between -40°C and 70°C. Two different colors in two sides provide detection of any defect, tear or puncture. Commonly used in tunnel applications with ease handling and rapid welding.

Produced as a product of thermal process of needled infinite strands of Polyproylene and Polyester raw material. Used for filtering, protection and seperation.

Used in highways, railways, airports, earth fills, coastal structures, superstructures, and landscape projects.

Geofor Soil is a type of geosynthetic material which is strong in tension therefore transfer forces to a larger area of soil and commonly used to reinforce retaining walls, sub bases or subsoils below roads or structures.

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